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Don't Forget to Save the Work!

Don't forget to save the work! To save, click on the back arrow (bottom left corner) until an "X" appears. Click on the "X" and the student's work will be saved. A black screen with Jiji will appear.

DO NOT click on the back button on the browser...or all student work will be lost and they will have to start over. 

To Monitor, View, & Print

To monitor, view and print your class's progress, go to www.stmath.com or triple-click on the bottom right corner and enter your username and password. Click on the "Class Monitoring and Tracking" button. 

ST Math Support

Getting Started with ST Math

Using Firefox or Internet Explorer - Type the url:
www.stmath.com or www.stmath.com/entrance

If the ST Math icon exists on the desktop, then double-click to open the ST Math program.

How to add a new student

To add a new student:

1. On the ST Math Jiji blue screen (www.stmath.com/entrance), have the student click on the "Green silhouette with a (+) sign next to it" on the bottom left of the screen.

2. Enter first name, last name (click on the arrow on the bottom right to continue).

3. Click grade level and class/teacher.

4. After the student information is completed, they will be automatically directed to a ST Math tutorial. The student will now have either a blue or green frame around the screen. This student still needs to be added to a teacher's roster.

5. The Teacher will need to Triple-Click the bottom right corner of the screen and enter their username and password.

6. Teacher will then add the student to their class roster and assign them a seat position. Click "done" if all information is accurate. 

7. Lastly, the screen will automatically be directed to the student's password training and the student can practice their password training session.

*Remember-after finishing the ST Math program, students will need to click the back arrow button at the bottom left of the screen and continue clicking back until an "X" appears. Click the "X" and a black screen with Jiji will appear indicating that the student's work has been saved and has logged out successfully.

Color Frames Around the Student's Screen

Green Screen:

Indicates a new student. To resolve, triple-click the bottom right corner, enter username & password, and add the student to your class. If the students already exists in your class roster, then click on the button that indicates the student is the same student.

Yellow Screen:

Indicates that a student is using another student's password. To resolve, triple-click the bottom right corner, enter username & password, and verify if the student is indeed using the same password as another student.

Red Screen:

Indicates that a student needs help. Either a hand on the bottom portion of the screen is raised or the student has continued to struggle on a particular level. By clicking on the raised hand, the screen will return to the normal screen. If the student is struggling, you can triple-click the bottom right corner, enter username and password, and assist the student in "Student Mode" or "Test Drive." To access these modes, go to the "Content" button.

ST Math Trouble-shooting

*** By triple-clicking the bottom right corner and entering your username & password, most issues can be resolved ***

ST Math doesn't load:

  • Try another browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

If ST Math freezes while playing:

  • Try to click the ST Math back arrow (bottom-left) and try the level again. If you restart the program, all current work will be lost.

Internet Connection Issues:

  • If an "Interruption in Internet Connection" message appears, check to see if the ethernet cable is plugged in correctly. Sometimes it takes a few attempts for the internet connection to be enabled.

If a "Homework icon or Activation Code" appears

  • Click on the "Enter activation code" button located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Hold the SHIFT key and click on the refresh icon located on the bottom left area of the screen, type in your username & password, and follow the steps on the screen.
  • Click on "allow local data storage" if ST Math requests to save local data and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Support Contacts

LaRae Wilson


MIND Tech Support