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Local Initiative School (LIS)


135th Street Elementary is one of very few schools in LAUSD that has chosen to have alternative governance.  The governance model selected was Local Initiative School (LIS).  Our staff members have specifically selected two different "waivers": Professional Development and Mutual Consent.  This allows stakeholders to have more input and authority in decisions affecting professional development topic/format and uses a Staff Hiring Committee to fill open positions.  This also allows the school protection in preventing automatic placements for District-mandated priority placements.  This unique governance allows the school community to interview and select personnel while still complying with certain parts of District and UTLA agreements.  The governance does not need to be renewed annually and will remain in place until otherwise notified.  However, the school can seek out additional waivers to the existing plan, if desired and mutually agreed upon by the stakeholders.


Staff Buy-in:

Official Vote on LIS Request for Proposal by 135th UTLA members was held on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

UTLA members approved the LIS Autonomy proposal by a margin of 78% Votes32 - Yes and 9 - No.   

41 of 43 eligible staff members voted.


For more information:

For the LAUSD Local Options Oversight Committee (LOOC) website, click here .  LOOC is the office that supports all LAUSD autonomy schools with staff representing all bargaining units/stakeholders:  AALA, UTLA, and LAUSD.

For general information on LIS, click here .

To read our actual LIS plan, click here.  This includes: background information, rationale, logistics, legal language, and information on how the LIS governance works with existing governance such as Local School Leadership Council (LSLC) and School Site Council (SSC).